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:::Back on the net::: Weird Dimension 3 :::

2008-06-14 23:14:09 by Gigabit77
Updated has been more than 6 months since I worked on a flash animation or project. The Future Flash Studio Website is down. I kinda feel bad about letting FFS down. I'm going to put FFS updates here from now and on (That is until we have a site again...).

Anyways...Ive been working on Weird Dimension 3( While playing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst on Schthack servers :P) . It has been a hard thing to do. Making a jump from pre-made sprites to Fully drawn and animated movie its no easy task (my drawing skills are $@#^). I'm doing the best I can to make this movie funny and High Quality. I'm proud to say that the movie is 25% completed.

Well.....Wish Me Luck...

:::Back on the net::: Weird Dimension 3 :::


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